Carol Canning

Carol began arranging during her years with the Swingle Singers and has also written for The King’s Singers, BBC television and the National Gallery. She has sung on sound tracks such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and projects for Paul McCartney, Robin Gibb, Bjork, Paul Weller and Susan Boyle.


As a freelance singer and Swingle Singer she has performed at many prestigious venues including The Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Opera House, La Scala Milan, The Sydney Opera House, Lincoln Centre New York, Rome Opera House, Royal Festival Hall and Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club.


What Happens In A Singing Lesson?

First of all you warm up the voice gently and then go on to do a few excercises. These are aimed at improving  vocal technique and usually include areas such as focusing the voice,  extending the range and making sure the voice is well supported.  Exercises are tailored to each individual's needs.   You will then work on a song of your choice trying to incorporate the points covered in the exercises.  Songs can be in any style - pop, jazz, opera, lieder or musicals.  Lessons are friendly, relaxed and hopefully productive!

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